Aliexpress nám doručil 11 objednávok v 1 balíku. Bez cla a kuriérom
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Aliexpress nám doručil 11 objednávok od rôznych predajcov v jednom obrovskom balíku. Kuriérom a bez cla

Komentárov (8)
  1. Veronika píše:

    Nie je to pravda. Mne to išlo Aliexpress pôšt a doplacala som….

    1. Frederik píše:

      Museli ste zvoliť zlú dopravu.

  2. fero píše:

    ako sa dopracujem ku „Combined delivery“- automaticky od nejakej vysky objednavky? viem ci to bude takto odoslane pred zaplatenim?

  3. Tghos1710 píše:

    Tiez sa pripajam k otazke of FERA. Da sa to niekde zvolit, ci je to automaticky?
    Prosime o odpoved.

    1. Frederik píše:

      Zdravíme, AliExpress to spraví automaticky.

  4. TGHOS1710 píše:

    Dnes dorucene kurierom – 3 balicky v jednom. Celkovo za 11€. Dopravu som zvolil nieco Aliexpress, nieco Cainiao. Dodavka necele 3 tyzdne.

  5. DAN píše:

    So my orders were combined. But the package I received had e individual packages addressed to SOMEONE ELSE! My orders were not there. And I’ve had a hell of a time trying to deal with Aliexpress as you only seem to be able to dispute SELLERS, not the package REPACKAGER!

  6. DIRK píše:

    Dear all,
    The combined delivery is a disaster. Single packages arrive while combined do not arrive at all. Sellers try to convince customers just need to be patient and have to go the the postoffice while they don’t understand that the postman will do the enddelivery here in The Netherlands. The link pointing to the KAAB website does not make sense, none of the packages starting with NL0000 cannot be traced at all. By the way, everything is handled as common post so trackandtrace makes no sense. The Polish company KAAB should transfer the packages to the Dutch PostNL. The last also does not know what’s going on and have the same answer, untraceable.
    So the delivery process between KAAB and PostNL is the bottleneck and surprisingly nobody from the AliExpress logistic management department takes action to investigate the failing matter.
    This all is happening in the age of automation and hightec.


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