Soundcore Life Q35 majú špičkový Hi-Res zvuk na kábel aj Bluetooth
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Soundcore Life Q35 za rekordnú cenu! Majú špičkový Hi-Res zvuk na kábel aj Bluetooth, LDAC, detekciu nosenia aj krásny dizajn

Komentárov (2)
  1. KONIK píše:

    Na slovensku su za 110 to naco ma niekto kupovat z ciny ?

  2. Sarah Davies píše:

    I completely agree that Anker’s Soundcore product line offers high-quality audio accessories. The new Anker Soundcore Life Q35 seems like a great addition to their lineup, with its attractive design and advanced noise-canceling technology. I’m particularly interested in the Hi-Res wireless audio with LDAC support, which is a feature that’s often lacking in other similar products. However, I’m curious about the battery life of the Q35. Can you share any information on how long it lasts on a single charge?


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